Upcoming updates, name change and a little teaser

Hello dear friends,

It’s been a busy summer, and we’ve been working silently, but hard. Now let us share some updates with you!

First, we are changing the game name. ‘FingerBoy’ was picked as a title on early stages of the development when you had to drag Noony with your finger across the room (and it’s not the case anymore). Moreover, we keep hearing the current name is slightly eeerrrm suggestive :D And that’s absolutely not what we want to achieve!

From now on meet ‘Noony&Moony’s Pajama Walk’ (or ‘Pajama Walk’ for short)! :3


We are going to gradually change the name everywhere – it’s not a 5-minutes task.

Second, we are going to DevGamm Hamburg on September 10-11 and probably to Casual Connect Tel-Aviv on October 19-21, and we are preparing an updated demo to showcase on the both conferences. This means the demo will be online as well so very soon! Stay tuned, the game has definitely changed since then.

Last but not least! Just to tease you a bit, here are two marvelous tracks from the upcoming demo. Can you feel the vibe?