Gamejolt featuring: post-mortem

It’s been half a year since our game was featured on GameJolt. The conclusions could have been written earlier, but who ever did this on time?

The story so far

On December 31st, 2014 FingerBoy was featured on GameJolt’s main page. Just after New Year party we’ve got a few dozens of letters in the inbox – ratings, comments, new followers. One of the comments was from a GameJolt moderator – he said, ‘We like you and we have put you on the main page as a featured game.’ What a New Year’s gift!

So what it’s all about?

FingerBoy featured on GameJolt on 31 December 2014

Featuring means that for a day (or two if you’re lucky, and we were lucky) there is a large banner with a link to your game on GameJolt’s main page. Then the game is moved twice to the lower banners, still on the main page, and then to the featured games archive.

It’s obvious that these first couple of days have the the peak in views/plays. Number of the players who visit your game page varies on how much they like the game’s title picture or description.

On the first day, December 31st, our game starring little boy had about 1200 views and 600 plays, on the second day – 1600 and 1100 respectively.

FingerBoy GameJolt statistics 31 December 2014

FingerBoy GameJolt statistics 01 January 2015

You can see that there is a drop on January 2nd, – this happened when the game was moved down below main banner, but it was still on GJ home page. Do not pay attention to statistics on January, 5th – the screenshot was made earlier that day and players did not start coming yet. :)

A month and a half after the featuring date visitors’ activity gradually decreased to 140/110 views/plays per day, and it’s quite a long tail. The game is long gone both from the home and the featured pages, but people still find it

Another interesting fact is that after the game left the main page there was no sharp drop in stats. It turns out that a lot of players visit featured games page and pick games from there.

FingerBoy GameJolt statistics 30 May 2015

Exactly after 5 months, traffic has returned to its initial figures. As just before the New Year we have an average of 15/10 views/plays per day again – it’s not a big number, but people still visit and play.


Let’s talk a bit about letsplayers as well.

Immediately after the game was featured there was small increase in number of letsplays. The game was highlighted by youtubers about once a week before that; immediately after it was twice as much. January and February brought about 20 letsplays overall.

Since the demo, that you can find here or on Gamejolt is very short, takes 5-6 minutes to finish it, so it’s not surprising that the number of letsplays is low. But still it’s damn nice to have people play the game and share the experience .

FingerBoy Noony waves hello to you, reader :3

What now?

During first 5 months since being featured the game was played 7,5k times, and the game page had 11k + views. The game gathered 100+ subscribers, and a few dozens of letsplayers.

It is important to note that if the game does provide a web demo, it’s downloaded and played much less. An eye-candy game called Isles of Umbra made by our friends was featured on April 2015, and got 1600 views, but only 220 plays on the first day.

What can you do with all this?

Increase followers fan base. Now we are writing not just for reposting bots or close friends, but for real subscribers. Awesome people who liked the game, who rated it, and who are waiting for updates.
Provide news updates. All your updates go directly to followers’ inboxes. And if it is well written, funny or provocative, it will be shared further. Also, the news appear on the main page in the news bulletin – we still need to find the best publication frequency that won’t look like spamming.
Identify target audience. We finally realized that our main players are young women who get gentle, almost maternal feelings for the protagonist of the game. It is still not clear how can we leverage this knowledge however. :)
Appreciate lestplayers. We have introduced a weekly column #letsplaywednesday, where we feature the best letsplays. The videos still appear more frequently than we write about them, so currently we have enough. In addition, those letsplayers who are just starting their career benefit from this as well.

If it were you how would you have taken an advantage of this opportunity?

P. S. Statistics was monitored periodically, but we didn’t take screenshots every time we checked. So you’ll have to take our word for it. Judging by the comments of GameJolt founder, updated version of the site (and dashboard) will have more detailed statistics including history for more than last 5 days.

P. P. S. Just few days before the English translation of this post GameJolt changed its design. Now the featuring process is a bit different, and more games are on the main page, but the overall idea should remain the same.

With GJ update our numbers dropped significantly (almost down to zero), but that’s another matter to analyze and another story to tell.

If your game was featured on updated Gamejolt, feel free to share your story!