Meet the game

The game will tell you a story about a little boy who is afraid of shadows. A story about his fears. And ours.

Genre: 2D interactive puzzler

Platform: Android/iOS/Amazon/BlackBerry/Windows Phone, as well as PC/Mac, and everything else we will be able to reach


While trying to get to the safe place little boy Noony has to cross the rooms full of shadow obstacles. Little one isn’t aware of the surroundings, he just learned how to walk, and he needs your help to get back to his bed.

Rooms are dark, and scarce strips of light here and there are just wide enough for the little one to pass through. Lucky for him, each room is interactive, so you can change the environment to show the way out for the little boy.


All the art is hand drawn with fine liners, then it’s scanned and slightly post processed in digital. All the elements and animations are drawn on the tracing paper as well. You can see more of the process in blog.